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Online Emotional Clearing

Biology of Trauma-informed Therapy

Emotional Clearing
  • Do you constantly seem to attract partners and engage in relationships that do not serve you? 

  • Do you hear yourself saying words like 'I can't go through this pain AGAIN!" 

  • Are your family relationships troubled, or have unresolved issues...sometimes even after someone is deceased?

  • Do you find yourself feeling abandoned or rejected 'too often for comfort'?

  • Are you stuck in a grieving pattern where you just 'can't seem to let go' of the pain of a lost love?

  • Do your business relationships seem to frequently manifest similar patterns of feeling unworthy, or ineffective, or like a failure? 

  • Are you frequently at the 'receiving end' of bullies, whether it is in the workplace, or in your personal life?

  • Do you always seem to 'just' fall short of that promotion or career goal?

  • Are you frustrated to be constantly talking about your pain in regular short therapy sessions, only to be told "your time is up" and have to almost 'start again' at your next session?

If you answer "Yes!" to even one of these questions, Mary-Lou's tailor-made Full-Day Emotional Clearing may be just the thing for you.

Biology of
Trauma-informed Therapy

In the last year, science has discovered that the Heart has 40 000 cells called 'sensory neurites' .. similar to brain cells.. which means that we think with our hearts as well as our brains!


Using the scientific HeartMath techniques Mary-Lou teaches, to achieve 'Heart Brain Coherence' quickly calms the central nervous system, tells your brain that you are 'safe and enables what is known as 'self-regulation' … an ability humans have, of changing their physiology and life experiences through their thoughts, feelings and mindfulness! This self-regulation, and therefore self-empowerment is all scientifically validated through Quantum and Epigenetic Science.


This short 3-minute video in the HeartMath Institute's Video Gallery gives you some insight into the power of the techniques Mary-Lou can teach you to support more calm, better stress management techniques, even a new way of problem-solving and emotional and physiological coherence at a level you may never have experienced before or even thought possible. Here is a handout that explains the technique as well as the science behind how it works.


Mary-Lou’s Tailor-Made
“Online Emotional Clearing”

It is a tailor made, one-to-one process where we explore as many of your conscious memories as you can recall, as well as exploring your sub-conscious memories, parents and grandparents histories and relationships with you and each other, and other siblings, as well as their and your views of the world at large.


The Emotional Clearing takes around a full day (between 8 and 15 hours on average) and you are not told "your time is up" until you have reached the end of the Emotional Clearing. 

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